kosub (kosub) wrote in zombiegeeks,

Looking for Lon.

For over a year now, I've been trying to locate Lon Miller, author of Alomal-137 Epidemiology Report. Bizarrely enough, he seems to have dropped right off the face of the internet with little evidence of his passage. Maybe he's dead. Maybe he's assumed a new identity in Bolivia. I couldn't say.

2006 marks the ten-year anniversary of Alomal-137's release. Now more than ever, I'd like to feature the work in Dead Letters, not just because it remains effective as a piece of writing, but because it's such a touchstone for online walking dead fandom. But without a way to find or contact Lon, I'm out of luck, because we'd need his permission to reprint the piece.

So I ask you folks out there: have you seen Lon? If you happen to run across him, point him my way, would you?
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