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Dead Letters: The Magazine of the Zombie Apocalypse

March 2006 is right around the corner, so if you're thinking about submitting something to Dead Letters 2.1... .

The more submissions we get between now and the cut-off date of February 1st, (hopefully) the better crop of stories we'll be able to present. After its first issue, Dead Letters languished because we just couldn't seem to get an adequate volume of good material together for the follow-up. I'd really prefer that didn't happen this time around. So, please, if you've been thinking about writing a story of the zombie apocalypse, now is the time, not later.

I expect that the Fish-End Press site will be up soon. In the meanwhile, the submission guidelines are:

As the only all-fiction, all-zombie periodical in the marketplace, Dead Letters is interested in creative portrayals of the walking dead in all their permutations. From short-shorts to novellas, sequential art to poetry, we’re looking for new and remarkable visions of the walking dead. Contributors are encouraged to go beyond Romero and Fulci and into places the zombie has not yet shambled.

Horror is very much a part of the walking dead subgenre, but Dead Letters is not interested in splatter above such niceties as plot and character. Have something to say and use the living dead to say it.

Interested contributors should submit their work electronically as a rich- or plaintext email –- no attachments, please -– of no more than 5,000 words. No serial installments or novel excerpts. We ask that artists submit links to their work as posted online. We have need of both interior and cover-art pieces. No photographs, please. Multiple or simultaneous submissions are perfectly acceptable.

Please note that Dead Letters does not accept fan-fiction. Any work featuring copyrighted characters, situations or other material will be rejected.

Dead Letters publishes quarterly and contributors to an issue will receive a copy as payment. All submissions remain the property of the contributor. The editors of Dead Letters merely reserve the right to reprint in perpetuity the issue in which the contributor’s work appears.

In addition, Dead Letters may request that certain material be allowed into collected format, subject to a separate agreement with the contributor.


  • Check your submission carefully for spelling and grammar errors.

  • Has your submission been previously published? Where? When? And do we have the right to include it in our quarterly?

  • Cut-off dates for submission are: 2/1 for the March issue, 5/1 for the June issue, 8/1 for the September issue, and 11/1 for the December issue. These dates are not negotiable!

  • The email address for submissions is submissions[at]fish-end.com.
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